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kennel-tacoma-wa Repeat customers may make their reservations by e-mail in the form below. New customers, for reservations, please call us or send us an e-mail with a phone number where we can reach you. Looking for a boarding kennel? See our shopping tips below.

Customer Information

Checking in at our kennel for the first time is similar to visiting a new doctor for the first time-there is a lot of information we need to acquire to insure that your pet receives the best care possible.
  • proof of recent shots
  • we require rabies and distemper parvo complex
  • bordetella is a decision for you and your vet
  • more info about shots and health
  • your veterinarian’s name and phone number, even if out of state
  • your pet’s current health and any health problems in the past
  • feeding habits and preferences and any known allergies
  • your pet’s behavior habits around people and other animals
  • emergency information
  • a telephone number where you can be reached
  • or, a person who knows how to contact you
  • or, a person you authorize to make emergency decisions
by E-mail…Sorry, for repeat customers only

Shopping For A Boarding Kennel?

kennels-tacoma-wa Here’s our advice:
  • Shop for a kennel as though you were shopping for daycare for your child. Not all kennels are the same!
  • Tour each kennel in your area. If they don’t want to give you a kennel tour, turn around, run, and don’t go back.
  • If you visit 5-6 kennels, you’ll begin to get a feel for who will give your dog the best care possible.
What to look for:
  • Do the dogs look happy? A kennel shouldn’t feel like jail.
  • Does the kennel smell? Kennels don’t have to smell.
  • How do the dogs get exercise? If they offer exercise periods in outside yards, do you see people exercising the dogs? Some kennels charge extra to take your dog out on a leash for 15-20 minutes twice a day. Realistically, it would take one person 8 hours to exercise 12 dogs twice a day.
  • Is the food they serve comparable to what you’re feeding at home, so your dog doesn’t have digestive problems? If not, can they feed a special diet, or can you bring food from home?
  • Call ten vets and see who they recommend. We are in contact all the time with vets, checking up on shot records, prescription re-fills, and chronic problems. They know the kennels in the area and how each cares for the animals. They also talk to the dogs’ owners and get feedback about kennels from them.
  • The majority of vets are setup to care for sick animals, not healthy animals. If you opt to board at a vet, inspect them the same way you would a kennel.
  • We board up to 100 dogs at a time when we’re full. We schedule 7 employees a day to take care of that many dogs. Does it seem like there’s enough people working?
  • We’ve had only two cases of kennel cough this year. Both dogs had had the nasal bordetella drops prior to coming to our kennel. Some kennels require bordetella vaccines, some don’t. (See shots and health for more info about required shots.) Check with your vet for his/her opinion.
  • Choose your house/dog sitter extremely carefully. We have a lot of dogs dropped off here by house sitters, because they can’t handle or are afraid of the dog, or it takes a lot more time than they expected, or the dog just doesn’t handle being alone very well and gets depressed.
  • Under no circumstances will we put dogs from different families together in the same yard or kennel. You do not want to leave your dog at a kennel that let’s your dog “visit” with other dogs.
Thank you for reserving with us. You will receive a response within 48 hours. If you do not, please call 253-531-5589.