Specializing in Canine Geriatric Care

Dog Boarding

The Kennel is perfectly designed for active, playful dogs.  Each dog gets a cozy bedroom with elevated beds, blankets, and toys.  The bedroom door opens into an exercise run that is sized to accomodate your dog's...  

Cat Boarding

Think of our cat boarding facility as a fun place for your feline friend to stay when you are out of town. With the royal treatment of our compassionate staff, your cat will beg to return to our cat kennels.


For the pampered puppy that just doesn't fare well in an intimidating environment of traditional dog kennels, to the senior dog that may have a multitude of special needs, we have the perfect dog boarding facility which...

Other Animals

Our full-service pet boarding facility is home away from home with specially-designed care facilities for birds and turtles, and other household pets. Finding specialized pet kennels or pet boarding facilities...



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Serving all of the Pierce County and Puget Sound Area

Gillshire Kennels Goes Above and Beyond Normal Dog Kennels

Dog-Kennels-Tacoma-WAWelcome to the only pet boarding kennel in beautiful Pacific Northwest to be featured on the television show 50/50!

And while we are proud of that, nothing pleases us more than the responsibility of caring for your dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, turtles and guinea pigs in our comfortable pet boarding facilities.

It is our joy to provide comfortable dog kennels and pet boarding facilities for your precious animal family members with the best possible loving care.  We are all about your dog’s fun and freedom, and making certain while it is enjoying our pleasant dog kennels, it receives quality care equivalent to yours. 

In fact, with our incredible love for pets, we might even exceed your level of care in our dog boarding facilities!  Not only are we your beloved pet’s dog boarding home away from home, we are peace of mind while you are gone.

We are uniquely qualified in providing dog boarding facilities in the Tacoma area quite unlike those of most dog kennels.  From geriatric care to pet boarding for cats, birds, rabbits, turtles and guinea pigs, we do it all with loving care!  (253) 531-5589.

Dog Boarding for the Pampered Puppy to the Senior Dog

Dog-Boarding-Tacoma-waYou will understand and appreciate our extreme love for the pampered puppy and senior dog when you learn more about our specialized dog boarding facilities and amenities.

Our desire to add special amenities to our dog boarding facilities paralleled our extreme love for older dogs with health issues who required more than normal dog kennels. 

It didn’t take long for concerned owners of small lap dogs to see how those additional dog boarding amenities would represent an environmental improvement over traditional dog kennels.  And that is when our geriatric dog boarding facilities expanded to include a beautiful caring environment for pampered puppies, lap dogs, and fearful dogs away from home for the first time.

Our great love and special attention to the needs dog boarding for dogs that may not fare well in traditional dog kennels has led to unique levels of pet boarding care.

Pet Boarding for Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & More!

Pet-Boarding-Tacoma-waWhile we take great pride in providing the perfect answer to dog kennels with our dog boarding facilities, we apply the same love as pet boarding caretakers of cats, birds, rabbits, turtles and guinea pigs.

Choosing just the right pet boarding facilities, including dog kennels, is easy when you become aware of our compassionate staff workers.  We even enjoy the challenge of a little attitude from our pet boarding guests because we are genuine animal lovers at heart!

And unlike many traditional dog kennels, we take the time for one-on-one attention for special playtime as part of our unique dog kennels, dog boarding, feline and specialty pet boarding amenities.

When you require quality care for your pet, call us for information about our dog kennels, dog boarding and pet boarding facilities serving the Tacoma area.  (253) 531-5589

Call Us! (253) 531-5589
Serving all of the Pierce County and Puget Sound Area

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