Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding Facilities That Cater to Your Family Pet


Think of our cat boarding facility as a fun place for your feline friend to stay when you are out of town.

With the royal treatment of our compassionate staff, your cat will beg to return to our cat kennels.  Our cat kennel is a luxurious home away from home with careful monitoring, a focus on safety, and a very fun cat boarding environment for your pet.

In our cat boarding facilities, we provide playful human interaction for your cat – partly because we need to, but mostly because we like to!  All of our staff knows how to pamper the cats in our cat kennel facilities because they are cat lovers.

When we say we cater to your feline with a cat kennel, that’s evident by the feline-only cat boarding area reserved for cats far from any scary disturbances caused by other boarding guests, such as dogs.  Our cat kennels are designed with priority on safety.

Cat boarding is available at one of the best cat kennels in the Tacoma area.  Call (253) 531-5589 to learn why our cat kennel is the right choice for your family pet.

Our Cat Kennel Offers a Soothing Environment for Your Cat


It is a well known fact that most cats do not travel well and adjust better to cat boarding.  The soothing environment of our cat kennel will provide the protected feeling that is essential when cat boarding.

And for the well-being of cat owners who leave their precious pet in our cat kennels, we provide maximum health and protection from scary animal guests.  Our loving cat handlers maintain safe, sanitized, dry cat kennels.

We encourage plenty of exercise for our cat boarding guests, as well as some petting and cuddling by our compassionate cat handlers.  

Their peaceful atmosphere is vented to provide continuous fresh air to the cat kennel.  During their active moments, there is room to explore.  And when needed, the cat kennel becomes a cozy nook for naps.

Cat Kennels are Not All the Same – Why Choose Us?


As pet owners, we make every attempt to provide the needs of the guests who are boarding in our cat kennels.  We provide lots of care, playtime and cuddles for our cat boarding guests.

Our cat kennel services can be tailored to meet the needs of aged cats.  And if you have special needs cats or kitties, we can make special provision in our cat kennels to avoid undue stress.

You don’t have to be concerned that your cat will be confined all day to its cat kennel.  There is time for entertainment and human interaction outside of the cat kennels.  And don’t be surprised if our compassionate staff members ask you to bring a favorite toy to the cat kennels that might make the adjustment to cat boarding less stressful.

Call (253) 531-5589 to see why our cat boarding facilities are the right choice in the Tacoma area for your pet.