Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding for the Pampered Puppy to the Senior Dog


For the pampered puppy that just doesn’t fare well in an intimidating environment of traditional dog kennels, to the senior dog who may have a multitude of special needs, we have the perfect dog boarding facility which we refer to as dog hotel!

And the reservation list for our dog hotel just keeps growing.  We attribute that to the tender loving staff care associated with our dog kennels and dog boarding facilities.  Our modern dog hotel has amenities that even our compassionate staff enjoys

Whether we are caring for a pampered puppy or a senior dog with special needs, you can be assured of proper exercise, socializing and staff play time as part of our dog boarding amenities.  Your dog will beg for a reservation to lodge at our dog hotel!

Dog boarding is available for your precious animal family member at one of the finest dog kennels in the Tacoma area.  Call (253) 531-5589 for the dog hotel your pet will love.

Not All Dog Kennels are the Same


Just like the pet owner, dogs need a stress-free experience while staying in an unfamiliar environment.  If you have done your homework, you realize that not all dog kennels provide a stress-free dog boarding environment.

By providing a comfortable dog boarding environment, we are essentially its loving and caring advocate while you are out of town.  When your dog is placed in our dog kennels, it is under the watchful loving care of our compassionate staff and becomes part of our family.

With the experience of our professional staff, your dog will receive not only dog boarding, but a variety of activities and human interaction.  We believe dog kennels should include exercise, human socialization, and pampering.  That is why we more appropriately refer to our dog kennels as a dog hotel.

And whether you entrust us with your precious puppy or a special needs senior dog for a stay at our dog hotel, all of our dog boarding guests receive regular interaction and private time with compassionate staff members.

Our Dog Hotel Caters to the Needs of Your Family Pet


The term “dog hotel” may bring a chuckle to the non-pet owner, but to those who consider their dog or pet a member of the family, there is nothing quite as comforting to owner and pet as the exceptional dog boarding amenities of a dog hotel!

When we talk about our dog hotel, we’re referring to premium services unlike the provisions of traditional dog kennels.  We are passionate about dogs and their dog boarding comfort level, so we provide many of the same amenities found in the family home.  That relieves your animal family member of transitional shock that is more commonly associated with traditional dog kennels.

Our dog boarding facility is available for your family pet at one of the finest state-of-the-art dog kennels in the Tacoma area.  Call (253) 531-5589 for the dog hotel of your dog’s dreams!