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We require a shot called distemper parvo complex. It is a combination shot that includes protection for parvo, distemper, hepatitis, leptosporosis, and para influenza. Also required is your typical rabies shot. Bordetella is left to the discretion of you and your vet. It does help protect some dogs from contracting kennel cough. But, sometimes, depending on the individual dog's immune system, they may contract kennel cough anyway. The vaccine comes in two forms, injection and nasal drops. We have found that administering either type at least seven days prior to visiting at the kennel, seems to be the most effective protection. Be advised, 'kennel cough' is an airborne virus-it is a doggie cold. It is transmitted through the air. At Gillshire Kennels we have very few incidents of kennel cough because of our superb ventilation systems. For cat shots, see cats below.

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We have a very aggressive diet program at the kennel. When you arrive with your pet(s), we discuss your dog's eating habits and general health. As a starting place, we feed the healthy dogs a mixture of rice (which we cook fresh every day), a wheat based dry dog food, and a quality canned food-all mixed up with warm water. Older dogs and dogs who gulp their food, get their dinner soaked and microwaved to aid their digestion. For the picky eater, dogs with teeth problems, and dogs with serious health problems, we serve cottage cheese, Vienna sausages, scrambled eggs, cheese, and Gerber baby food. If you desire, you may bring your own food from home, and we can prepare it per your instructions. We monitor both input and output from your pet. Failure to eat their meal or drink adequate water is followed up with a change in diet for starters. The next step would be a consult with the vet. We would report activity level, gum color, temperature, urine output, and condition of stool. Loose stools or constipation would be treated accordingly with a diet change.

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Each day, each dog is walked from their overnight bedroom to individual outside covered runs. They are given fresh water, blankets, and toys to play with. Barring extreme temperatures (rare in the Pacific Northwest!) they spend the day in their own outside yards. We have found that by getting the dogs off the cement for part of the day, they don't go home smelling like kennel. The change of scenery, exercising different muscles, and interaction with our staff all day long, all help to keep your pet happy while they're away from home.

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Speaking of smells, kennels don't have to smell. We have tried ALL the disinfectants and cleansers available for commercial kennels, and have found one that works best for us. Wouldn't you know, of course it's the most expensive one. People are amazed when they tour our kennel, and never fail to remark at how clean the kennel is. We pride ourselves in sending our guests home clean, healthy, and happy. After your dog has been here once, you might find they look forward to visiting again. And be prepared, some dogs don't want to leave us when their owner picks them up!

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Cats and dogs don't get along? Maybe it's folklore, maybe you know of exceptions, but we know that cats, who are kept in the same building as dogs in a kennel situation, can become traumatized by the dogs' high energy and loud barking. So, we have a separate building for cats to stay in. It has an air filtration system and automatic ventilation system. It's a quiet room with soft music playing. Each cat is let out of his/her cage each day, individually, to roam the building, play with toys, or use the scratching post. We feed both dry and canned to each cat; we supply blankets and litter boxes, which are changed every day. You are welcome to bring your own supplies, if that makes you feel more comfortable, but it's not necessary. Shots: we require distemper complex, rabies, and leukemia. Either bring a current shot record with you, or we can call your vet to verify.

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birdTo the best of our knowledge, we have the best and most unique bird boarding facility in the northwest. It is a room built specifically to house birds. It is climate controlled: temperature, ventilation, and air filtration are closely monitored. Each cage is separated from the cage beside it by plexiglass dividers to prevent airborne diseases. The room has a jungle setting with lots of bird-safe plants (since Liz can't seem to grow plants in the house), plenty of light, and birdie music playing in the background. Don't be surprised if your birds learn a song or two while they're here! We feed a wide variety of seed and fresh fruit and veggies each day; the food and water dishes are disinfected every day; if your bird's wings are clipped, they are let out of their cage during the day. We provide cages and toys, but you are welcome to bring your own if you desire. We can clip toenails and wings. We are not setup to board birds larger than the smallest cockatoo. Shots for birds are not required. Liz, the owner, keeps her blue-fronted amazon and cockatiels in this room, so your birds are put to bed the same time hers are. This room also serves as our employee break room, so all the birds have lots of people contact throughout the day.

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Finding boarding facilities for your dog or cat is easy, but who is going to take care of your rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, mouse, *gold fish, pig, *hermit crab, or turtle? Well, we can. And animals with a star are no charge, when accompanied by a paying guest. No shots are required, we provide dry food, fruit, and veggies appropriately. Pigs stay in a covered, secured yard-if your pig sleeps on the couch, be aware that we don't have inside quarters for pigs.

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chefThe Doggie Deli offers an extensive menu of mouth watering, delectable, gourmet treats that you can select for your dog's enjoyment while they are here. These are treats served in addition to your dog's regular meals. The Doggie Deli is for: Dogs who are "your kids". Dogs who are considered a member of the family. Dog owners who have a bit of guilt leaving their best friend behind.

Our employees, because they like spoiling your dog too!

  • For variety, choose a different menu item for each day.
  • Fussy eater or allergies? Choose the same item each day.
  • Can't decide? Let our chef select the special of the day.
  • Each item on the menu is one dollar per day.


If your dog has a weight problem, be sure to consult with Liz, she can recommend the appropriate menu items. CANINE SELECTIONS

Hamburger   Raw Baby Carrots
Hotdog    Rice Cakes
Chicken Breast   Gerber Baby Food
Vienna Sausages   Frozen Yogurt
Pig's Ears   Animal Cookies
Eggs   Graham Crackers
Cheese   Cottage Cheese
Green Beans   Stewed Tomatoes



Tuna Fish    Sardines
Baby Food   Chicken Bits
Cheese   Chopped Beef